Twitter censorship goes “nuclear” as platform bans scores of accounts linked to Infowars

There is no longer any doubt that the biggest U.S.-based social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google – are all colluding to ban conservative, pro-POTUS Trump voices ahead of the 2018 midterms and beyond.

The latest censorship actions were taken by Twitter and were aimed once again at Alex Jones’ Infowars. The news site reported that a dozen-and-a-half of its accounts were targeted and removed earlier this week.

“The Infowars Army, Infowars Reports, and even the Infowars Store Twitter accounts were terminated Monday in a purge that resulted in the suspension of 18 total Infowars-linked pages,” the site reported.

“The massive ban comes less than a week after the Daily Beast wrote an article calling for Twitter to take action against the remaining accounts associated with Infowars.”

The article, headlined, “Alex Jones and Infowars are still on Twitter, despite ban,” by Will Sommer – doing his best imitation of a Nazi Brown Shirt or Chinese Communist – called on the social media platform to continue taking away Jones’ First Amendment right to freedom of speech and expression simply because they can’t refute him and hate his support for POTUS Trump.

The mass ban ‘nuclear option’ came after Infowars posted several videos promoting the president and exposing his political opponents as charlatans and fakes (like Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcohontas” Warren, D-Mass.).

The latest actions against Jones come after Twitter, YouTube and other social media and eCommerce platforms banned him and Infowars as well.

In late September NewsTarget reported on what amounted to a well-coordinated attack against Jones and Infowars:

The systematic removal of Alex Jones and his InfoWars news platform from virtually all social media platforms over the course of about 12 hours has “deep state” fingerprints all over it.

Paul Joseph Watson, editor-at-large of another Jones web property, Prison Planet, told Jones in an interview following the coordinated banning, “They will eventually, obviously. They’ll ban everyone. But, in the short term, this is about changing the Overton window, shifting the Overton window, where conservatives moderate their opinions, where they moderate their speech, just to ensure the survival of their platforms.”

Yes, this is ALL political

But it’s not just Jones and Infowars. Twitter, Facebook, and the other social media giants are busy banning conservatives in general. As The Western Journal reported this week, Facebook took ‘action’ against roughly 559 political pages – the vast majority of which, according to the website’s analysis, were conservative, pro-Trump pages – within a matter of days. (Related: Yes, Facebook’s algorithm change was designed to rob you of conservative voices.)

What’s more, few Americans have even noticed outside of those who were followers of the affected pages.

Of those who had their pages taken down, several told The Western Journal they had no prior warning from Facebook that they were in violation of any rules or any of the social media platform’s speech policies. Page administrators said they just got up one morning recently and found that their pages had been taken down.

And like the coordinated assault against Jones, Facebook was sure to let The Washington Post and The New York Times in on what was happening because within a few moments of Facebook’s announcement that it had removed hundreds of pages both newspapers published “lengthy pieces describing the purge that included screenshots of the pages, something that could only have been obtained before the pages were removed,” The Western Journal reported.

Even more heinous: Facebook is refusing to release the full list of pages removed.

So, is all of this social media censorship of conservatives really political? You bet it is.

As The National Sentinel reported in March, studies have shown that the social media giants “absolutely do” have the power to sway elections.

“I can tell you we should be paranoid because what Google and Facebook can do is really mind-boggling,” Dr. Robert Epstein, a research psychologist at the American Institute of Behavioral Research and Technology, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

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