Total ban of InfoWars means CNN now has power to silence anyone who criticizes CNN

The unceremonious purge of InfoWars and Alex Jones across Facebook, YouTube and Apple is just the beginning of a grim future for conservatives. The shift of power from government to privately held companies is just one more way for the radical left to circumvent the trappings of law and order — and operate outside the realm of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

As private companies, tech giants are under no legal obligation to uphold the First Amendment, or any other rights of the American people, for that matter. But as the world of tech increasingly becomes the only world people seem to want to live in, this raises substantial questions about the amount of power these companies hold and whether they should be held to a higher legal standard regarding free speech.

By controlling what people can and cannot see, hear or say, companies like Facebook are indirectly influencing the way people feel and think. But now, that power doesn’t just extend to what people see in their newsfeed, as the tech giants of the world now see fit to flat-out silence anyone who disagrees with their views, or criticizes their lobbyists. Indeed, as Breitbart recently revealed, InfoWars wasn’t censored for violating the arbitrary and inane rules of engagement for social media — InfoWars was taken down because liberal media talking heads at CNN and Democrat politicians begged them to censor the site.

In the new world of technology, politicians and left-wing journalists are lobbying Silicon Valley behind closed doors to silence their competition. To make matters worse, the Democratic politicians who call upon Big Tech to censor anyone who disagrees with them turn around and call conservatives “conspiracy theorists” for calling out their acts of censorship.

This is what it truly means to be Orwellian, the Left is all but calling their censorship “freedom.” Ultimately, Democrats and the left-leaning media are doing everything in their power to pull the rug out from under conservatives and prevent them from having a platform from which to speak.

Democrats demand censorship of conservatives

Florida Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch was all but leading the charge at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on social media censorship. Breitbart reports that Deutch “demanded” Facebook leaders “explain” why they had decided not to ban InfoWars, calling Alex Jones a “well-known conspiracy theorist” whose “brand is bullying.”

Deutch also challenged Google, asking how many violations it would take to see the InfoWars channel deleted from YouTube. “He then asked Google’s representative if they thought conspiracy theories were a “problem,” and asked her to explain the company’s planned solutions. It seems that YouTube has now come up with a solution: ban the channels that Rep. Deutch objects to,” reporter Allum Bokhari writes.

In the past, Deutch has scolded tech companies for allowing “vile and outrageous and offensive garbage” to permeate their platforms. Deutch and other Democrats are not arbiters of morality and do not have the right to police what other people think. What constitutes “offensive garbage” in the minds of liberals like Deutch is far different than what a conservative might find “vile.”

For those who still believe in liberty and free speech, the idea that anyone would be so vehemently targeted by corporations and politicians for simply expressing their opinions is the “offensive garbage” in this situation.

Sadly, it wasn’t just politicians demanding that Alex Jones be taken out: Multiple liberal media outlets have been putting pressure on Big Tech to silence InfoWars. CNN has been a particularly strong force in this regard, lobbying YouTube and Facebook to ban Alex Jones.

Ultimately, the Left is operating like a fascist regime: Antifa are the brown shirts, disrupting the political activities of their perceived adversaries, while liberal politicians and pundits work to remove any trace of the conservative voice from public view. Learn more at Also check out

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