Left-wing social media giants collectively ban Alex Jones as they collude with establishment media to shut down anyone who disagrees

In what certainly appears to be a coordinated act, on Monday social media and corporate giants moved to completely ban radio talk show host Alex Jones and content from his news site Infowars from the platforms in the Left’s latest effort to silence conservatives ahead of the 2018 election.

The first to move was Facebook and Apple. In a tweet, Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson announced the Facebook “ban:”

Facebook has permanently BANNED Infowars.

For unspecified “hate speech”. They didn’t even tell us what the offending posts were.

This sets a chilling precedent for free speech. To all other conservative news outlets – you are next.

The great censorship purge has truly begun.

He noted in a subsequent tweet:

Whether you love or loathe Infowars, this now confirms that Big Tech is working with legacy media to silence independent media.

In places like Russia, the government shuts down the press, in America, CNN, Apple and Facebook fulfil [sic] that role.

In addition to Facebook and Apple, Spotify and YouTube, the latter of which is owned by Google, have also banned Infowars content as well as Jones’ videos and podcasts.

Breitbart News reported that the bans did not simply happen, but were enacted after the companies were pressured by establishment media journalists and Democratic politicians:

It’s a sign of how the concentration of power in America has shifted from big government to big tech that politicians are now lobbying tech companies rather than the other way round [sic], but that’s exactly what happened over the course of the past few months, as Democrats applied relentless pressure on Facebook and other Silicon Valley giants to censor InfoWars.

Americans, by and large, won’t stand for censorship

One of the leading Democrats who claimed that Jones doesn’t deserve any speech platform, First Amendment protections be damned, was Rep. Ted Deutch of Florida, who demanded to know why Facebook officials hadn’t already banned Jones during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on social media. Calling Jones a “well-known conspiracy theorist” and a bully, Deutch also wanted to know what needed to happen before YouTube banned him as well.

What’s truly amazing – or frightening – is the number of establishment journalists who are supporting the social media censorship of Jones and all other conservative voices.

They’re saying things like Jones isn’t a real journalist and Infowars isn’t a real news organization, therefore neither “deserves” to have a platform for their voice. And they call POTUS Trump and his supporters “Nazis?” (Related: Two of the world’s most evil people – Bill Gates and George Soros – behind Facebook’s news censorship agenda.)

Supporters of the censorship and banning of Jones are also claiming that what he publishes is “fake” and “misinformation” but without offering up a shred of proof or evidence that what they allege is even factual. What’s hilariously ironic is that some of them work for genuine fake news factories like CNN, the Washington Post and The New York Times, all of whom have published factually incorrect stories on several occasions in the age of Trump.

Instead of defending Jones’ right to publish and the right to have a voice and a platform just like they have, these media hacks are allowing their political viewpoints to cloud their judgment. No way they would ever put up with being treated in a similar fashion.

Here’s what’s going to happen in the very near future if this censorship isn’t reversed by the social media giants: They’re no longer going to be ‘social media giants.’

If the Republican-led Congress doesn’t pass legislation to block their ability to arbitrarily ban people they don’t agree with, a government agency will step in and regulate them. At the same time other social media platforms like Real.Video will take off and steal users, leaving Facebook, Google, and the others a shell of their current selves.

In the long run, our country won’t tolerate Left-wing censorship bullies. Hide and watch.

Read more about social media censorship at Censorship.news.

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